• Focallure Luxury® - Glow Glitter Eyeshadow Palette (9 Colors)

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    This eye-blowing bling-worthy eyeshadow palette is the best eyeshadow palette for people
    looking to steal the show and make a statement. These 9-color makeup palettes provide a
    variety of transcendent glittery colors of superior quality designed to leave a lasting impression.
    Be a trendmaker with these glitter eyeshadow shades from Focallure.

    How to Use Me:
    Apply the glitter eyeshadow with either a dry or wet brush depending on the desired effect.

    In The Box:
    A compact glitter eyeshadow palette featuring 9 glitter shades of lasre, champagne, gold, neon,
    garnet, sunset, royal, amethyst, and jade.

    Additional Info:
    Please note that this eyeshadow palette is for makeup purposes only. It is also essential to keep out of direct sunlight, as well as a temperature that is either too high or too low to preserve the integrity of the makeup.